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We are a team of professionals specialized in software development, visual design, user experience design and web marketing. We believe in the potential of the web and we are ready to raise you business in the online mainstream, with passion and conviction!


Portali & SharePoint

We design and develop vertical portals and enterprise 2.0 solutions for all your business needs.


e-Commerce Magento

We have the right skills with the best technology to help you sell your products online


Web Marketing

SEO, advertising, email, contents, social: the success of a network is primarily due to strategy!


UX/Web Design

We are committed to offering your users the best web browsing experience possible.

We have more than 200 B2B customers and 4,000 B2C customers in our portfolio

Every project we take is an opportunity for growth. We learn and improve everyday in order to offer the best service to our customers

Websites and advanced internet solutions

Sintra Consulting designs and produces advanced internet solutions.
Sintra designs and develops websites, online catalogs, creates portals and corporate intranets and offers advanced solutions for the Magento e-commerce platform. Additionally, it offers advanced solutions for Web Marketing; studying information to give online and social media channel visibility. The elements of success on the internet are concrete; the creation of new prospects and contacts and their solutions in the report, carried out through advanced strategies for sending newsletters (DEM – Direct Email Marketing) and Adwords Remarketing.
Sintra Consulting operates throughout Italy, according to their offices in Arezzo, serving numerous customers and creating sites in Siena, Lucca, Rome, Milan and London. Sintra Consulting is CSQ certified – UNI EN ISO 9001; a 2008 certification for quality management systems for the design and development of websites and web applications, provision of information technology and communications. It represents the recognition of the entrepreneurial skills of a company that has been able to optimize their organization though efficient management of suitable facilities and have the appropriate skills.

Service and quality

Sintra Consulting offers integrated, comprehensive and advanced solutions to communicate through websitesto sell and earn money with internet:

►We study and design thegraphic creation of websites for usable browsing experiences and offer a modern image effectively to your target audience.

►We create dynamic websites that allow a high quality à of interaction between the visitor and the website.Through dynamic sites Sintra Consulting provides a template for creating websites that are easily manageable by our customers with the application “1 Minute Site”

Rank on search engines your website through the careful work of a highly professional team skilled in all areas ofweb marketing, with a focus on SEO (Search engine Positioning).
The success of a websitedetermined by the volume of traffic and its popularity à among visitors. With special attention, Sintra Consulting works to rank your domain on search engines and web pages, working with many levels of popularity à through a personalized strategy of web marketing.
Ranking your website with the popular researched keywords ù for your market è
is the first step to be successful on the net

►We build online catalogs and e-commerce sites for those who want to use their own websites as a window to advertise their products or sell online, as in the case with Bardahl.

►Support customers in enterprise information management through the use of web applications that can make efficient information exchange.

►Offer an effective system of Direct Email Marketing, through the   newsletter management and the sending newsletters to specific segments of your customer database, allowing integrated management and professional business information with contacts.

► Sintra Consulting has developed the “1 Minute Site” application that lets you create a free website in just a few steps, and then customized to make the registration of the domain simple and practical.Thanks to the application  any user can ò create a free website related to every topic, hobby or theme to promote their business à. . Making a free website saràwill be simple, intuitive and fast, as you can see in the create website for free catalog creare sito web gratis. 1 Minute Site è is the ideal application for creating turistic web portals(Discover Tuscany)or for professionals and small businesses who want to develop your their own website independently and easily. Restaurantes, Farms, Lowyers,Bed & Breakfast,Associations, Dentists and many other professionals have already àalready had the opportunity à to enjoy the benefits of 1 Minute Site. The latest addition on à 1 Minute Site èis that it offers a chance à to to create for free a mobile websitemoving autonomously and immediately..
1 Minute Site also has a comprehensive training service that explains the techniques and strategies on how to create a website for successfully.
For over a year, we deal with training in order to teach everyone how to create a website  in complete autonomy.
We will also explain how to create an e-commerce site for free without having any previous knowledge. We developed manuals and tips to help you improve your site in important aspects ì such as choosing the keywords, how how to create quality link building à , how to design a website and and how to buy a domain.

Here are some examples of websites and e-shop created for leading companies in the market

Sint Technology: a leading provider of applied technologies to the industry , that creates tools for residual stress measurements, residual stress, hole drilling method.Dedicated in particular to the foreign market (UK, Europe and USA), it has recently created two mini sites specifically to explore themes such as residual stress measurement e drilling resistance.

Ars Automation and its flagship product Flexibowl. Flexibowl è Flexibowl is an innovative product in the field of flexible power systems. We have taken care of the web marketing for your product, focusing on positioning in the market with the application of vibratory bowl feeders,flexible assembly systems , Flexible feeding systems , Scara Robot and linear feeders.

Case History

Sintra Consulting has created for SECO, a world leader in the embedded solutions, the ranking of its portal on highly competitive keywords such as:
– embedded boards,
– embedded modules,
– embedded solutions,
– single board computers, 
– nvidia t30,
– carma devkit,
– com express,
– arm modules,
– qseven,
– carrier boards,
carma kit.

For real medicine / health, Sintra Consulting followed the activities of Dr. Palminteri for urethral surgery for a long time. The main diseases can be cured Lichen Sclerosus, Stesoni Uretrale, Ipospadia.

. On-line catalogs and e-commerce sites

Sintra has wide and proven experience in the field of online catalogs (such as In-Farmaciaor the portal, holidays LaTuaVacanza), but also E-commerce sites, such as Mia Gioia, Mininconf Shop, LineOnLine and Notte Fatata

The consolidated experience gained on e-commerce sites has brought Sintra Consulting to the position of official partner of Trovaprezzi, a product comparator for online shopping.
Through this partnership, Sintra customers are entitled to a 500 free click bonus for the first month of their e-commerce site.

What they say about us

creare sito personaleTo create a website with the most prestigious technological publication network, we recommend the application 1 Minute Site. Salvatore Aranzulla Aranzulla uses the portal VIRGILIO to explain the advantages ofcreate personal websites with 1 Minute Site:  "1 Minute Site provides a simple wizard (completely in Italian) that will help you build a complete and attractive personal website… in one minute."

 Sintra Consulting Sintra Consulting gives special priority to continual education and the continued growth of the resource. Changes in technology and the commercial web universe has made things infinitely faster than in the offline world. In this sense, Sintra improves and innovates continuously. From technology used to marketing strategies.

In recent years, the web market has moved towards selling online, social networks and interactivity ; (blog, applications etc).Thanks to ten years of operation in the web market Sintra Consulting has built a wealth of technology and marketing power that provides its customers services with high added value in terms of tecnology, promotions and marketing.

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