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Web Marketing in Poland: the activities of the business unit of Sintra Consulting

Web Marketing: an overview

Nowadays the use of the web is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, both for its simplicity, speed of use and for its economy; a global network that allows access to an endless array of information of all kinds.
Recently, through a survey, it was shown that Poland is the second highest ranking country in the world on social networks (43 % of its population).

That’s why Poland is a real opportunity for those who want to do business through the web today, increasing their profits.
When Polish users surf the Internet, they do so to find information that can help them. That’s why the web is an important opportunity for companies to make themselves known and to find potential customers

The online advertising market

To better understand the power of web marketing in Poland, below is a brief description of what is its background is.
The standards relating to advertising are determined by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an international organization that recognizes the web as a tool for advertising, conducting research and providing legal support for the online sector advertising.
The IAB was founded in the United States and currently operates worldwide. Among the members of the IAB are America Online, Yahoo, Google and many others.
The Polish subsidiary has 40 different units including Onet.pl, Virtual Poland, Yahoo, Interia, Gazeta Portal, network advertising, company research and media agencies.
The main functions performed by the IAB in Poland are:

  • Learn how to harness the power of online advertising;
  • monitor the phenomena that occur on the Internet;
  • develop, verify and approve rules and standards for the use of advertising on the web;
  • disseminate and promote the web as a medium for advertising;
  • etc

Sintra Consulting Poland: services in web marketing

The Sintra Consulting.pl team

It is characterized by the presence of highly experienced designers,competent management and development of custom websites that are beautifully designed. They analyze the expectations of their customers, creating successful websites in line with their needs.
They are also engaged in SEO (optimization and positioning of websites on search engines) and creating content that can meet the demands of Google through the correct use of titles, description and keywords.

In detail the href=”http://www.sintraconsulting.pl/miedzynarodowy-marketing-internetowy/” services web marketing Sintra Consulting Poland offers to the Polish market are:

  • Creazione siti web
  • Blogging
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • e-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO -optimization and positioning on search engines
  • Pay Per Click
  • Monitoring statistics

Sintra Consulting Poland is a team of young guys offering advanced Internet solutions able fully to respond to the demands of its customers.