DelCane – new implementation on eCommerce Magento

Our fashion industry clients join the delCane brand, created by passionate designers and fashion fans who are looking for a unique form in everything that surrounds them.

DelCane is a top quality dog ​​and dog owner’s accessories – litter, lanyards, collars. The collection complements other accessories that allow you to create a unique interior and express your own style.

All accessories under the delCane brand are designed and manufactured in the European Union, most of which are traditionally made by top-class craftsmen.


The sales platform for delCane was built on the Magento platform. The shop is available at

Philosophy delCane brands

Inspiration to create a collection of unique dog accessories has become a walk through the Milan Fashion Triangle, where the excellence of Prada’s designs mixes with exceptional aesthetics and gives it an unmistakable style. That’s where the delCane brand came into existence – a combination of functionality, style and trend.

The philosophy of the brand is to create a harmonious space in the everyday life of the dog and its owner and to seek the perfect combination of fashion and design. The Italian origin of the delCane brand is a guarantee of excellent product quality and unique design.


The delCane brand joins our prestigious fashion clients PRADA, Moreschi, Sartoria Rossi, Twin-Set and the Italian consortium Borgo Italia.

Sintra Consulting has done extensive work on web design and user experience, as well as extensive front-end and back-end Magento.

ECommerce Magento for – shop with glasses

Sintra Consulting Poland has implemented a new eCommerce platform on the Magento platform for the Polish Optical Group. The Cztery Oczy shop offers several thousands of promotional sunglasses at discount prices, as well as advanced lens options as well as the ability to mount lenses to your luminaire via the online store.

 The OPTIDOTUM group connects ophthalmologists, optometrists, optometrists and consultants with many years of experience. This year, OPTIDOTUM entered the eCommerce market by launching its new online store,, which offers over 3,000 models of new glasses. Among them many famous markets like Ray Ban, Mexx, Vogue.

The store’s offer is divided into the following categories:

  • eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Spectacle lenses
  • Contact lenses

In collections you can find luminaires ranging from classic models to very strong cats, inspired by the 1960s. The Four Eyes Shop offers additional facilities for customers, including:

  • 30 days to return your spectacles
  • free delivery over 200 PLN in Germany and Poland
  • safe, fast payment

The scope of work on the shop concerned front and back-end activities, among others. Advanced selection rules for spectacle lenses and filtering parameters.

Optidotum stores can be found in 16 cities in the country, and thanks to the shop you can use a wide range of eyewear as well as the ability to fit contact lenses 24 hours a day.

Projekt dla Borgo Italia na rynek rosyjski

Borgo Italia to konsorcjum najlepszych włoskich marek o bogatej historii i ogromnym doświadczeniu. Firmy skupione w rodzinie Borgo Italia oferują urzekające produkty najwyższej jakość od wyróbów dziewiarskich, odzieży sportowej, biżuterii aż po wszelkiego rodzaju akcesoria modowe dla kobiet, mężczyzn i dzieci.

Polski zespół programistów odpowiadał za implementację nowej platformy sprzedażowej na na rynek rosyjski dla trzech firm wchodzących w skład konsorcjum: Monnalisa, Miniconf, Grant. Wybór oczywiście padł na platformę Magento, nasze flagowe rozwiązanie z zakresu profesjonalnego eCommerce.


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