Sintra Friday Community: a day in Sintra with Melania Peruzzi

There is collaboration and sharing of the results achieved in their work, which is a key to growing the company’s team spirit.

Precisely for this Sintra Consulting decided to organize meetings with their employees, the Sintra Friday Community , a real moment of enrichment and opportunities to share ideas and projects.

The first meeting was starring by Melania Peruzzi, Head of Customer Care service for 1Minute Site.

Melania explained to colleagues the excellent results achieved by 1 Minute Site in the last year.
The flagship product of Sintra Consulting, 1 Minute Site is a CMS that allows users to create website in a few easy steps, updating it in complete autonomy

During the meeting, Melanie also showed an overview of the latest features implemented on the platform

  • e-Commerce;
    • Responsive template
    • MultilingualFunction 
    3th level Menu ;
    • Attachments in the contact form
    •Integration with price comparators as TrovaPrezzi
    • Assistence with AdWord Campaigne



There are many features including but not limited to: the strength of 1 Minute Site is also in its customer care service , in the daily activities that plays Melanie and the other collaborators of the team, but also in the ancillary services that have been implemented to support users: e-book , email , toll and FAQ .

A changing world: 1Minute Site never ceases to innovate and improve. A proof of this is that there are various initiatives that are regularly carried out, including:

  • Webinar carried out by experts in the field of Web Marketing;
    • creating a Landing Page with directions and tips for users;
    • activities on the Social Network ;
    • daily updates of 
    Blog 1 Minute Site with information and advice to create a website, as well as the latest news from the world of the web.

Through valuable help and direct connection with users, Melania held a variety of activities during his day there.

The first appointment with the Sintra Friday Community has already happened, for the Sintra staff it was a worthwhile and interesting opportunity to share experiences and results together.