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The Sintra Consulting Poland activities for COMES

COMES -manufacturer of playground equipment from Poland

We have just finished the first stage of the reconstruction of the website and created a new visual identity for our potential customers from Poland.
COMES is a company that specializes in building high quality playgrounds for children. The company concentrates not only on the entertainment factor, but mainly on the level of security of the playgrounds. The director of the organization states, that the greatest reward for hard work and commitment is the customer’s satisfaction and the laughter of children.

As an experienced manufacturer of playground equipment and fancy metal casting, COMES offers high quality products. The colorful playground equipment is located in thousands of places throughout the country.

The activities of Sintra Consulting Poland 

Sintra Sintra and the Sintra Consulting team was responsible for the reconstruction of the main page. Upgrading of site preceded with the ongoing work on the change of the company’s visual identity, for example,
the logo. The new COMES logo is keeping up with the new trends in logo design; it is solid, straight cut and lightweight with non-aggressive colors.
Positive connotations became the basis for the new brand.

The layout of the COMES home page is designed to simplify the contact between the user who is browsing the website and the company service team in order for them to ask questions and subscribe to the mailing list.
Another activity that Sintra Cosulting Poland has put a lot of attention into is the optimization of the site with the aim of facilitating a user’s search services that the company offers, improving the availability of the site.

In the next step the staf of Sintra Consulting Poland will continue to work on the sub domain of COMES- PLAYGROUND – e sull’architettura di

By clicking on the following link, which leads directly to the company’s website, you can see the fruit of the work done by the Sintra Consulting Poland staff:d: