Sintra Consulting – a member of Magento Community Insider Program

Magento is one of the most well known platforms used for building and running online stores. Its popularity is a result of the amount of available functionalities, developed system of analysis, reporting and also product management.

The significant part of our implementations is based on Magento, which makes us indisputable specialists in this area.

Because of an enormous customers’ interest and a desire to deliver reliable solutions and services, we decided to run for a membership in Magento Community Insider Program, which is dedicated to community that actively operate on Magento platform.

Thanks to this partnership we wanted to acquire confirmation of our professionalism and also have a possibility for further active participation in creating Magento environment.

Our attempts ended up with success – we are a partner in Magento Community Insider Program!

This program provides us an access to wide range of tools and resources that will help us to obtain an additional added value, which will translate to better results for our customers.

It is also a first step to the next stages of our partnership with Magento!