Internationalization: the Sintra experience in Poland

An important opportunity to strengthen its business, a valuable opportunity for learning and growth for all corporate resources but not limited to: the choice to join projects for cultural exchange and business, to Sintra, has resulted in the opening of two spin-off company, Sintra Consulting Poland and Sintra Consulting UK .

Sintra Consulting Poland: the entrepreneurial project across borders

Always attentive to offer solutions that are innovative and creative in order, thus, meet the demands of its customers, Sintra Consulting is a reality in step with the times, both in offering web solutions, both advisory services in field of web marketing.

Through a strategic approach and the adoption of a market-oriented resource management, Sintra has managed over time to focus on the growth and development of their organization, so as to give rise to a well-established business reality even beyond national borders.

Sintra Consulting has so soon said his name also in Poland, where a team of brilliant programmers deals with the design of web sites using various platforms (1 Minute Site, Drupal and WordPress), as well as the realization of online catalogs and e-commerce technology with Magento
Web designing solutions but not only: the team Rzeszow (district sub – Carpathian where the spin off of Sintra) is also made up of SEO experts and web marketing that deal with the planning and organization of activities for the Polish market , English, Russian and German.

Among customers of Sintra Poland are partners internationally recognized leaders in their respective sectors in the Polish market. Examples are companies such as Comes (manufacturer of equipment for amusement parks) and PAMO (manufacturer of windows).

Leveraging on activities with long-term prospects in the Polish market and in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, Sintra Consulting launched the Polish version of its