Google Analytics

Google Analytics – a tool for statistics on Web sites. Each Google Account holder has access to the free Analytics tool. Thanks to this tool, we can also track traffic on our accounts in a variety of social media and applications in our smartphones.

Audit SEO

SEO audit is a tool that allows you to control and check the effectiveness of matching the content of our site to the requirements of the search engine. It allows you to detect errors that adversely affect the position and indexing of our site in the search engines. The audit determines which issues and parameters require changes or corrections. With our regularly updated and up-to-date trends in SEO audits, our website has a better chance of reaching a high position in search results.

Tracking studies

Tracking studies allow us to investigate the effectiveness of building our media and advertising sites. They are one of the most widely used market research tools. They study the same issue at different intervals.

Marketing Affiliate

Affiliate marketing, in short, is the cooperation between the advertiser and the publisher. It consists in establishing and maintaining cooperation and positive contacts between the two parties. It is characterized by a way of settling appropriately to the achieved effects.


Website optimization is divided into content optimization and code optimization. It consists in adjusting these 2 indicators to the subject of the site. Through phrases and keywords that match the industry that matters to you on our site.


LinkBuilding, or linking is the second next optimization of the way to take care of the high position of our site in the search engines. Linking is nothing more than getting links that will bring other people to that page. Linking is done on blogs, forums, site directories, etc.

Multi Channel Marketing

Multi Channel Marketing – a form of marketing that functions through different channels. Expectations and needs of customers meet not one, but many ways, through the various channels that enable the message. Multi-channel marketing, run exclusively through electronic media, is eCommerce.

Internal linking

Internal linking is the linking with hyperlinks that have been published within a single domain called. Internal links. This process leads to much better usability and better positioning of our website.

Display advertisement

Display Advertising is a graphical form of advertising that is broadcast on the site. Display advertising is also the classic banner ads posted on websites. The form of such advertising is very broad, which allows you to promote a particular product, or general information on a given topic – about the image of a particular site.


ASANA – a tool for joint project management. The ASANA application allows you to create subgroups and assemblies, and then assign them job data. In the task we select the time of execution, we also have the ability to comment on individual tasks and upload files. With ASAN, it’s easy to assign tasks to specific groups, which greatly improves team performance.