WooCommerce for playground manufacturers

COMES, the manufacturer of playgrounds, is our first client on the Polish market. As part of the next phase of visual identification changes and changes to the playground subdomains, the COMES board decided upon our recommendation to implement the project on the WooCommerce module. Subdomain playgrounds COMES www.placezabaw.comes.pl includes a full range of equipment for playgrounds of this Polish manufacturer. There are over two hundred products in the offer of playground equipment and outdoor areas (outdoor gyms), which users can add to the offer from now on.

For the project we have chosen the WordPress platform for the Thesis framework and additionally implemented the WooCommerce module. The WooCommerce module was modified for bid requests, so the sales module was deactivated and replaced by the Request for Quote module.

Strukura site has been designed so that users can navigate in the most intuitive way. Product selection can be done through categories and additional product tags. The structure of the site has also been designed to increase the conversion of incoming requests from web pages.

The realization can be found at www.placezabaw.comes.pl

Soon we will present a more accurate case study of the above project.