Web Marketing in Poland: the activities of the business unit of Sintra Consulting

Web Marketing: an overview

Nowadays the use of the web is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, both for its simplicity, speed of use and for its economy; a global network that allows access to an endless array of information of all kinds.
Recently, through a survey, it was shown that Poland is the second highest ranking country in the world on social networks (43 % of its population).

That’s why Poland is a real opportunity for those who want to do business through the web today, increasing their profits.
When Polish users surf the Internet, they do so to find information that can help them. That’s why the web is an important opportunity for companies to make themselves known and to find potential customers

The online advertising market

To better understand the power of web marketing in Poland, below is a brief description of what is its background is.
The standards relating to advertising are determined by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an international organization that recognizes the web as a tool for advertising, conducting research and providing legal support for the online sector advertising.
The IAB was founded in the United States and currently operates worldwide. Among the members of the IAB are America Online, Yahoo, Google and many others.
The Polish subsidiary has 40 different units including Onet.pl, Virtual Poland, Yahoo, Interia, Gazeta Portal, network advertising, company research and media agencies.
The main functions performed by the IAB in Poland are:

  • Learn how to harness the power of online advertising;
  • monitor the phenomena that occur on the Internet;
  • develop, verify and approve rules and standards for the use of advertising on the web;
  • disseminate and promote the web as a medium for advertising;
  • etc

Sintra Consulting Poland: services in web marketing

The Sintra Consulting.pl team

It is characterized by the presence of highly experienced designers,competent management and development of custom websites that are beautifully designed. They analyze the expectations of their customers, creating successful websites in line with their needs.
They are also engaged in SEO (optimization and positioning of websites on search engines) and creating content that can meet the demands of Google through the correct use of titles, description and keywords.

In detail the href=”http://www.sintraconsulting.pl/miedzynarodowy-marketing-internetowy/” services web marketing Sintra Consulting Poland offers to the Polish market are:

  • Creazione siti web
  • Blogging
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • e-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO -optimization and positioning on search engines
  • Pay Per Click
  • Monitoring statistics

Sintra Consulting Poland is a team of young guys offering advanced Internet solutions able fully to respond to the demands of its customers.


Internationalization: the Sintra experience in Poland

An important opportunity to strengthen its business, a valuable opportunity for learning and growth for all corporate resources but not limited to: the choice to join projects for cultural exchange and business, to Sintra, has resulted in the opening of two spin-off company, Sintra Consulting Poland and Sintra Consulting UK .

Sintra Consulting Poland: the entrepreneurial project across borders

Always attentive to offer solutions that are innovative and creative in order, thus, meet the demands of its customers, Sintra Consulting is a reality in step with the times, both in offering web solutions, both advisory services in field of web marketing.

Through a strategic approach and the adoption of a market-oriented resource management, Sintra has managed over time to focus on the growth and development of their organization, so as to give rise to a well-established business reality even beyond national borders.

Sintra Consulting has so soon said his name also in Poland, where a team of brilliant programmers deals with the design of web sites using various platforms (1 Minute Site, Drupal and WordPress), as well as the realization of online catalogs and e-commerce technology with Magento
Web designing solutions but not only: the team Rzeszow (district sub – Carpathian where the spin off of Sintra) is also made up of SEO experts and web marketing that deal with the planning and organization of activities for the Polish market , English, Russian and German.

Among customers of Sintra Poland are partners internationally recognized leaders in their respective sectors in the Polish market. Examples are companies such as Comes (manufacturer of equipment for amusement parks) and PAMO (manufacturer of windows).

Leveraging on activities with long-term prospects in the Polish market and in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, Sintra Consulting launched the Polish version of its website:www.sintraconsulting.pl


The Sintra Consulting Poland activities for COMES

COMES -manufacturer of playground equipment from Poland

We have just finished the first stage of the reconstruction of the website and created a new visual identity for our potential customers from Poland.
COMES is a company that specializes in building high quality playgrounds for children. The company concentrates not only on the entertainment factor, but mainly on the level of security of the playgrounds. The director of the organization states, that the greatest reward for hard work and commitment is the customer’s satisfaction and the laughter of children.

As an experienced manufacturer of playground equipment and fancy metal casting, COMES offers high quality products. The colorful playground equipment is located in thousands of places throughout the country.

The activities of Sintra Consulting Poland 

Sintra Consulting.pl Sintra Consulting.pl and the Sintra Consulting team was responsible for the reconstruction of the main page. Upgrading of site preceded with the ongoing work on the change of the company’s visual identity, for example,
the logo. The new COMES logo is keeping up with the new trends in logo design; it is solid, straight cut and lightweight with non-aggressive colors.
Positive connotations became the basis for the new brand.

The layout of the COMES home page is designed to simplify the contact between the user who is browsing the website and the company service team in order for them to ask questions and subscribe to the mailing list.
Another activity that Sintra Cosulting Poland has put a lot of attention into is the optimization of the site with the aim of facilitating a user’s search services that the company offers, improving the availability of the site.

In the next step the staf of Sintra Consulting Poland will continue to work on the sub domain of COMES- PLAYGROUND –www.placezabaw.comes.pl e sull’architettura di www.architekci.comes.pl.

By clicking on the following link, which leads directly to the company’s website, you can see the fruit of the work done by the Sintra Consulting Poland staff:d: www.comes.pl


Statement on Cookies : how to be in good standing with your Web Site

Statement on Cookies : how to be in good standing with your Web Site

Manage the cookies within a website, informing users how to use them, is one of the topics that must be dealt with for anyone who runs a website or e-commerce site.

But let’s start by explaining what Cookies are: Cookies are string of text small, that are stored in users’ computers , when they visit a website.

We use cookies to personalize your experience, collecting specific information such as tracings sessions or content viewed in case of a purchase in order to be able to carry out remarketing.

On May 8, 2014 authority on privacy , issued a < strong> Regulation for the ” Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies ” imposing a deadline for all operators of websites and e- commerce sites to come into compliance with the legislation by June 2, 2015.

The principle  aim of the legislation is to protect the privacy of users , informing the use cookies for profiling within of Websites , giving them instructions on how to give consent in cases where it is required by law
The legislation distinguishes between two types of cookies:

  • tecnical coockie:: used to improve the concerned service and the browsing experience on the site. For the use of these cookies, you do not need prior consent of the users but they should be informed about their use.
    As an example, these cookies remember what the user entered into the shopping cart or the language that has been selected.
  • cookie profiling: used to track navigation and profile the user to order to send advertising messages compatible with the preferences shown, within the navigation network.
    In order to use these cookies legislation declares that it must be at the consensus of the user

he managers of websites have to comply with the laws:

  1. Set up a Privacy Policy page , called ” extensive disclosure ” , prompting the consent to install cookie and do “profiling ”
    There are no preset templates to create the page, but it could be a part of it:
  • reference articles of the regulations
  • explanation of what a cookie is
  • description of existing cookies (cookie technical and profiling),
  • types of cookies used on the Website.
  1. Implement a banner with the information , which is visible to the user, by entering:
  • The link to the Privacy Policy page created for a more detailed explanation
  • Information about the fact that the site uses and allows the sending of third-party cookies
  • Explain that by continuing browsing, that you are implicitly accepting that the site may use cookies to improve the experience
  • Information on the possibility for the user to change their own choices
    about cookies’ by accessing the Privacy Policy page to find the information
    in detail from anywhere in the site.

For further information please contact your legal advisor.

Informed on the legislation by clicking the following officer’s links:


Sintra Friday Community: a day in Sintra with Melania Peruzzi

There is collaboration and sharing of the results achieved in their work, which is a key to growing the company’s team spirit.

Precisely for this Sintra Consulting decided to organize meetings with their employees, the Sintra Friday Community , a real moment of enrichment and opportunities to share ideas and projects.

The first meeting was starring by Melania Peruzzi, Head of Customer Care service for 1Minute Site.

Melania explained to colleagues the excellent results achieved by 1 Minute Site in the last year.
The flagship product of Sintra Consulting, 1 Minute Site is a CMS that allows users to create website in a few easy steps, updating it in complete autonomy

During the meeting, Melanie also showed an overview of the latest features implemented on the platform

  • e-Commerce;
    • Responsive template
    • MultilingualFunction 
    3th level Menu ;
    • Attachments in the contact form
    •Integration with price comparators as TrovaPrezzi
    • Assistence with AdWord Campaigne



There are many features including but not limited to: the strength of 1 Minute Site is also in its customer care service , in the daily activities that plays Melanie and the other collaborators of the team, but also in the ancillary services that have been implemented to support users: e-book , email , toll and FAQ .

A changing world: 1Minute Site never ceases to innovate and improve. A proof of this is that there are various initiatives that are regularly carried out, including:

  • Webinar carried out by experts in the field of Web Marketing;
    • creating a Landing Page with directions and tips for users;
    • activities on the Social Network ;
    • daily updates of 
    Blog 1 Minute Site with information and advice to create a website, as well as the latest news from the world of the web.

Through valuable help and direct connection with users, Melania held a variety of activities during his day there.

The first appointment with the Sintra Friday Community has already happened, for the Sintra staff it was a worthwhile and interesting opportunity to share experiences and results together.



Sintra Consulting Poland for integration of local communities in Poland with 24 Odrowaz

Created with the aim of fostering integration among the inhabitants of the districts of Szydłowiec, Konecki, Opoczno, Poland Skarżysko Przysucha and the site < strong> Odrowaz 24 , is one of the services created for the Polish territory

In finding the right name that could represent portal, Sintra Consulting Poland’s staff that are responsible for the development and layout of the portal looked for something that links all the districts that are part of the Voivodeship Kielce since 1975, concluding that their common point is the Odrowaz family who are very famous in those lands. It is based on the site name Obrawaz 24

A portal designed to offer services to citizens , which included links that
lead to sites that provide an overview of news and information related to
the region.

The main objective of this website is to promote local activities, blogs institutions, associations, and business and then support the social and economic development of the territories through the internet.

The components of the 24 Odrawaz site are:


Those websites collect the information from the particular region and redirect it to target sites where the visitors are able to read the whole article. Their aim is to promote local portals and blogs and collect all the
information from the public institutions in one place, and as a result, broaden access to the information in the region.
In addition, the news portal, Odrowaz 24, is built on the WordPress platform, which means that it is really easy and convenient to use.
Furthermore, new additional website components to the news portal Odrowaz 24 will soon be created. For example, the catalogue of the companies in that particular region, advertising and job offer services as well as forums for residents of the region. The sites mentioned above will hopefully fill the gap that currently exists on the local market in the area of service delivery and information via the internet.
The Sintra Consulting team was responsible for the development and graphic designs of the Odrowaz 24 portal.
If you would like to see how it all works and get more information on the topic, please follow the link below: www.odrowaz24.pl



ProBike Livi Arezzo: on-line the New Website


Published on- line the new website of a ProBike Livi, Arezzo store specializing in the sale of bicycles and accessories.

Featuring an attractive design , the website offers users the opportunity to know in detail the brands handled and services offered.

There is a lot of great content including but not limited to: the website is really an explosion of colors. Beautiful photo galleries dominate the home page, as well as the inner sections.
Particularly curious is the section dedicated to products, where with a convenient reference, you can discover the brands offered

Finally we recommend not to miss the ” Vintage Area “: here are fantastic photo galleries, even in the smallest details, the bike restored and put back on the street by the team of ProBike Livi.

The site was created with CMS technology and therefore is easily managed and updated in real time.
ProBike Livi

Sale of bicycles and accessories

Development Team:
Project Manager
Web Designer
Web Developer

technology Used:
CMS – 1 Minute Site


Portal Szydlowiecki: Polish portal built by Sintra Consulting Poland

It can be considered as one of the most important projects carried out by the team of Sintra Consulting Poland using the   WordPress platform.

The main objective of the portal is to create favorable conditions for building a local civic community. It is an influential website which in addition to the variety of information from the Szydlowiec County field
and the neighboring areas will also contain the editorial content.
Portal Szydłowiecki is a website that can play a huge role in the formation of civil society and it has local ties within that defined area.
Apart from providing the visitors of the website with local information, Portal Szydłowiecki will also contain articles about important events that took place in the country and in the world, especially those that more or
less influence the way of life for the residents of Szydłowiec, Chlewiska, Jastrząb, Mirów and Orońsko regions in Poland. The visitors will also find a practical guide which will contain, for example, the contact information of
government offices and institutions of the Szydlowiec County, road transportation timetables and a list of pharmacies open at night, on Sundays and over holidays.
Portal Szydłowiecki is a brand new news portal among the other media sites that are currently available on the local market. It is characterized mainly by the great interest in the life of local community, in a variety of
social, cultural and religious ties and in different types of activities in the economic educational and sporting fields.
Sintra Consulting Poland has thus created a portal featuring an attractive layout and a user-friendly interface which gives the user a quick and easy way to navigate.

Mobile Internet: is Boom also in Italy


There is an exponential increase in the number of users connecting to the internet every day, even in Italy.
To make this information known, there is a report on the spread of the web made by Audiweb Trends, based on data from a survey conducted by Doxa.
According to report, in 2014, there were 20.9 million unique daily users and 28.6 million monthly users, with an overall growth of 3%.
Leading the latter were especially access to devices Mobile smartphone and tablet .
If the web is now affecting approximately 84.6% of the Italian population, there are about 40 million users who say they access the Internet from anywhere about 27,800,000 those who access by smartphone and about 10.2 million users bytablet.

Here then is that over the past year, the use of the Mobile data reaches very significant with 15.6 million online users who connect from smartphone and tablet , 3 million more than those who connect to PC.

Search sites, general portals, social networks, news, video, e-mail but not limited to: who has access to the Internet from Mobile is also increasingly prepared to shop on-line .
The mobile segment becomes a driving force even in the world e-Commerce, where globally, about 33% of online buyers bought from smartphone in the last 12 months.

It is an opportunity to be seized for online shopping but not just for websites dedicated to selling online; the mobile version becomes a critical success factor. .

Web Mobile bardahl.it becomes just a smartphone

After the launch of I-Bardahl, the ‘application that allows users to learn about the different products and find the dealer nearest you, Bardahl in partnership with Sintra Consulting, presents the version Mobile of its corporate website .

Access to the entire catalog and search dealer nearest : the version Mobile of the site, unlike I-Bardahl, It gives users the ability to see the news and allows direct access to the main channel social network company.

To are in fact the main navigation paths: access to the catalog products, the latter organized into macro and micro categories (worlds, product categories) and one directed to the main worlds of Bardahl, Auto , M oto and R acing .

From the home page of the individual worlds it is then possible to access the respective sections devoted to news and retailers, as well as a selection of the main product categories.

& Nbsp;

e-Commerce Mobile: the challenge of Grant for 21/05 starts here

Shop online accessible smartphone and tablet Grant SpA is preparing to conquer even the most “demanding” and in line with the latest digital trends, they love to connect and also buy from mobile devices.

The well-known brand of children’s fashion is launching its own version of an online shop, optimized for mobile navigation .

Attractive graphics with ample space to the images of collections and more: certainly of great impact, version Mobile of the shop offers, as in the desktop version, two main navigation paths , by brand and product categories, as well as the sections Sales andOutlet .

Excellent usability and ease of navigation: the navigation paths to the product pages to be able to purchase and perfectly reflected on the mobile site and it has the same features as in the desktop version, offering users an alternative to buying on the go.

Internet advertising: 2015 has started with the mobile world

If the transition from the old to the new Internet is almost complete and most users routinely surf from smartphones and tablets , the world of online advertising could not stay still.

This is why the latest trends are in the name of the cabinet also in advertising: to drive growth in this case it is the social , Facebook and Twitter in the first place, which allow advertisers to create messages specifically designated for those who sail from devices Mobile .

More opportunities targeting new formats geolocation : these are the critical success factors of a format that looks likely in the coming months reaching consumers wherever it is.



Mobile Friendly Website? Google award you!

Some people like it mobile. 

We’re talking, of course, about websites and the next indexation method that Google will use to evaluate the sites and their leading position in the SERP (results page), thanks to a new algorithm that will work globally from 21 April 2015 . The official Google blog announced the new algorithm the webmaster presenting the new criteria that will be used in order to provide users with the best results for their research. This will display properly on your device, the pages were found regardless of the size or type of the screen possessed.

The message is clear: the sites are not “mobile friendly” will be rated lower
than those conceived and designed for mobile devices.
We could say, “a webmaster warned is awebmaster saved”. In addition to the deadline of the commissioning of the new algorithm, the experts of “Big G” make a series of tools that will allow those who have not yet done
so make their websites optimized for tablets and smartphones available. It is to help a website fit the criteria and specific requests, such as Mountain View, to ensure that it will appear among the first results of online
searches carried out by users.
Among the tools available directly online, Google provides a useful drive optimizing websites for mobile devices; and a test to check your changes.

Any advice for webmasters

Also new, already active in the search engine Google , are related to the information retrieved from the apps , which appear in number higher among search results. So, next to the link of the web pages, you will see boxes that, if selected on the mobile device, open the app directly referenced.

In the policy that will be used by Google from April 21 to the sites accessible to mobile devices we include:

– avoid uncommon software on smartphones (such as Flash);
– Use readable text without the need to resort to the zoom;
– Keep in separate the link from the content of the site;
– link easy by clicking;
– usability Mobile : navigation as natural as possible;

also in Italy , the percentage of users who use the smartphone for surfing and make online shopping is growing exponentially, so it is important, from the point of view of the SEO , create Web sites that respond well to the needs of such devices and tablet.
Just do a little experiment to see how the sites optimized for mobile devices are placed on top of the SERP, unresponsive sites end up lower and lower in the outcome of the research. In fact, by making any query from your phone, you can easily find sites with label “mobile-friendly” in the top end of the results while sites that are not mobile friendly always end up further down, thus, the ability to be viewed by anyone who needs to access a site quickly and immediately is important.