Studies and Researches

Research: lever for growth

The constant relationship and the mutual enrichment of theory and practice, is the most important element of the intellectual capital of Sintra.

The resources invested in this area largely explain the rapid and steady growth of the company in the years of stagnation in advanced economies. Is not a coincidence that some of the solutions marketed today have been developed or improved through collaboration with universities and other training institutions. A pretiouse distinguishing factor that positionate Sintra beyond the variegated galaxy of companies offering services for the Web. A narrow union between research, experimentation, development, release of new solutions that will power the path of growth in the years ahead

Present research

The research activities of Sintra, in line with the development of the market and our product range, are currently focusing on:

  • Internet & Database Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Web Marketing & Web Communication
  • Relational Marketing
  • Development of new software technologies and business support
  • Digital Signature
  • Adaptive interfaces for the Web
  • Speech interfaces for Web
  • Aggregators of information
  • Optimization and website analysis

On these issues Sintra is open to the comparison with other companies and organizations and is available for the collaboration with universities to draft thesis or to test hypotheses and approaches accrued in academia.

In this regard, Sintra has always been open to offer to students and young graduates placements and internships on web programming projects, an opportunity for educational growth significantly in the university as well as an exciting opportunity to develop thesis projects with correlators and tutor chosen including senior programmers who work on the company.

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Partner of the research

Sintra Consulting collaborates with the Milan Polytechnic, the University of Florence and the University of Siena, Ateneo Impresa and Oklahoma University for training in and around the company for several years

Thesis and technologies developed

The study and research Sintra has created many projects that have enabled us to achieve a significant level of expertise in various fields: from the development of Web platforms for the production of e- Commerce Magento, the activities of Web Marketing at the User Experience Design.

Over the years there have been many students who Sintra Consulting has offered the opportunity for internships and carry on tesi projects in different study courses