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  • You need to coordinate the exchange of information and organize the data inside of the company
  • Your company has a sales force spread all over the country and want to improve the quality and timeliness of information exchange with the sales management and designers to avoid costly and frequent meetings at the central headquarters
  • Your company has separated production offices, also abroad, and want to make the control over the production more effective or it want to improve coordination with the sales performance
  • It want stimulate collaboration between the company’s internal resources , improving the business climate , increasing their sense of belonging and encouraging team building
  • Want to promote the resource training applications using e-learning oriented with video-training shared

  • You have the goal of stimulate the process of co-design , to sharing mission and corporate values ​​

10 e-learning portals, 4 Administrative, 2 CRM

Apoteca Natura – Aboca S.p.A.

Leader in Italy in the production and trade of herbal and natural products

The project
Realization of an e-learning portal oriented directed to provide the right training and the constant updating of the commercial network of Aboca, Apoteca Nature, qualified for the sale of herbal products. During the development of the portal, special care has been taken both on the technological front, adopting software solutions that ensure reliability and optimum performance, both on the graph by adopting solutions that best interpret the canons of web 2.0 in terms of interactivity and usability. From the technical point of view the project also saw the creation of a web based interface with advanced multi-role to allow access profile and a different management of data and information
Website: www.apotecanatura.it

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