Service Oriented Availability

A platform developed specifically to support the existence of multi-warehouse complex e-commerce


Born in the development of e-commerce projects complex, the platform SOAv matches the need to value and sell all the products available to internal sales network of the company.

A ” middleware ” that stands between the ERP and the e-commerce infrastructure.
The particular characteristics of the platform are SOAv:

  • multi warehouse support: each warehouse becomes an element of the set that contributes to define the availability of a product
  • multi User: each SOAv party platform (typically the e- Commerce, B2B platform and other sale platforms) connects with your credentials and each user then pertains, according to the parameter settings carried out, to a certain set of logical storage sectors
  • iPad application : integrated virtual extension of the store and explicit warehouse visibility
  • Back office web based and mobile enabled
  • forms of integration with market leading software for sales management Retail (Quick Books, Retail Pro)
  • form of ticketing/CRM for the management of internal logistics When
    an order impacts on more warehouses, you must define/initiate activities that will complete its movement; inventory transfers, group page and notifications vs. courier

We used the platform SOAv to support the needs of warehouse

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