Send Miner

Choose the best way for you relate with your customers

Email marketing campaigns are the best strategy to retain your customers
and Send Miner is the ideal tool to manage them.

Send Miner is an email marketing service developed by Sintra Consulting
that allows you to manage and monitor web marketing campaigns,
exploiting the full potential of email.

Simple to use, fast and intuitive. Send Miner allows you to organize and manage emails, newsletters, the DEM and create groups of contacts to send to.
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Create, send and evaluate the results

Send Miner allows you to control the entire life cycle of contacts; from registration and the newsletter to the analysis of statistical data and enrollment management. You are also able to have control over all the
data of your members, transforming them into useful information for planning the future lines of development in your relationships with the scientific and objective study, attentively and punctually.

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