1 Minute Site

All our experience in a one product

1 Minute Site is a web oriented application that allows you to create and
manage your website and e-commerce site in complete autonomy.


Easy, fast, customizable: 1 Minute Site can create a website in three easy steps without any technical expertise.

Ideal for small businesses, professionals, artisans and enthusiasts of web,the 1 Minute Site also has an e-commerce module and allows you to create great websites that are easily optimized for search engines. The application is available in Freemium mode; in addition to the free platform, we present professional solutions at very competitive prices
There are currently 180,000 users on the Freeium in Italy, 200,000 in Spain, 10,000 in the UK and over 4,000 paying customers.
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Select the graphic, add your content ( text, images, video ) and with one click you’re instantly online

Thanks to CMS and a simple and intuitive interface, 1 Minute Site is the ideal solution for those who want to create and manage their website autonomously.
Discover how easy it is to use 1 Minute Site visit and create your free website.