Case History: SNAI Coupon Project

SNAI Coupon:a new, big project for Sintra Consulting

Web designer, web developer, web usability experts, various professionals for a project of great significance: Sintra Consulting signs the new portal of SNAI house.

It is SNAI Coupons, the first site in Italy couponing dedicated to games. Football, cycling, basketball, formula 1, motorcycling, horseback riding and much more: Here users can find discounted deals and special bonuses to be seized to play a straight profitable and have more chances of winning.

By registering on the site and logging in with the same credentials on, it does have the ability to choose their offer for an impressive increase of share in the form of coupons to be used directly on site To take advantage will be enough to be a SNAI customer,or an holder of a game SNAI account ( SNAI Card )

SNAI Coupon

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Attractive layout and responsive structure: the graphic design of SNAI Coupon

Graphic design eye-catching and truly striking: the graphics remains faithful to the corporate family feeling, but the structure of the portal and content organization are simplified, allowing users to discover in a few clicks the deals, even on the move.

Simple and straightforward layout and ample space to banners and images: from the home page the site navigation is based on the consultation of the offers on the portal, the latter presented by a grid structure with scalable box.

The portal has two different navigation paths that allow the user to select or based on the type of offer or by their sport of interest.

Well-organized and structured also the card dedicated to the offers: the contents formulated persuasively and summary information banners are detailed here and the user has the opportunity to know the details and conditions of the offer as well as the manner of release the coupon. Column structure of the page, finally, allows to clearly distinguish the content “information” from the call to action. It does not miss the social sharing and the possibility for the user to request a remainder of the offer by e-mail.

Drupal: the technological choice
Performative, user friendly thanks to an intuitive back end, rich plugin, editor, modules and widgets that allow a high customization also to the graphic level: the SNAI Coupon portal technological choice fell on Drupal, one of the platforms CMS used also for the creation of Web sites and portals. From the point of view of “technology”, the project was divided into several steps. In addition to the development of the portal in fact the staff of Sintra also dealt with its integration with internal IT systems of SNAI, critical step to take advantage of the coupon.

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