Case History: restyling Eoffice website and e-Commerce integration

Eoffice: online with the new website signed by Sintra Consulting

More engaging, more dynamic, richest of content and certainly more functional and usable: Eoffice with the help of Sintra Consulting strengthens their identity online, presenting a website with graphics completely renovated.
Compared to the previous website, certain elements of the brand identity remain constant such as logo, color palette, iconographic universe. What changes is the graphics and architecture, both designed to help the users to navigate and find the service that best suits their business needsThe result? A website absolutely of impact, able to offer to the users the opportunity to complete their tasks in a simple and intuitive way: just a few clicks to find the work space in the location of interest, book and buy, all without ever losing view design decidedly web 2.0.

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The new design: a perfect blend of style and usability

An impressive slide show, in which images of some location are alternate, welcomes you. And is here that takes place the first interaction with the site: filling out a short form of research, through practical pull-down menu, you have the possibility to find in a few clicks the service or the work space that best suits your business needs. Here are two blocks of content that are developed one after the other and offering two alternative levels of navigation: the first allows the user to recognize at a glance the main services offered by the company, the second proposes the most important locations.
Two different navigation paths to which the user can also access from the menu on the top. Here by clicking on “locations”, you have the opportunity to learn about the different countries where Eoffice offers its services. And is only to a next level, by clicking on the individual country, that you have the option of knowing in detail the locations and the related services. Deciding instead to access the section dedicated to the services, the user is guided to a specific page of the service in which not only has the opportunity to learn but also to seek service in a specific location.
From a graphical point of view it was decided to adopt a simple and essential style, favoring also the background for a neutral tint. The goal was to give way, right from the home page, the images of the location doing stand from these the whole layout.
For the head, in the menu there are only the essential items for the navigation and some key elements such as logo, currency, contact phone and email, search field. In greater detail the footer instead divided into several sections: one containing links to depth sections (About Us, Partners, News, Press), a social network with the integration of Twitter feeds and newsletter subscription and one containing a short contact form for short inquiries.

Product tab: more information and procedures for booking and purchase even more intuitive

New layout and more: the new site Eoffice was designed for his usability. Everything is in fact designed to help users search and reservation and / or purchase of services. Here then the product sheet has been redesigned, allowing you, for many services, to realize the purchase directly in the page.
In the first part of the card it has left ample space for the description of the offer: images of the location, detailed descriptions of the services allow you to carefully consider the offer. Below is a map of the location with a short form to request information quickly. For many services (telepohone answering, business address) as anticipated, it will be purchased directly in the page. Selecting a specific location you can also see in the product form of the selected service and also the others services available for that particular city, and learn about other cities in the same country where Eoffice is present.
The constant presence on the product page as well as in other sections of the site, contact form, email address and telephone numbers of the company, helping to reassure users, thus increasing also its confidence in the brand.

Magento: the technological choice

For the new Eoffice website, the technological choice fell on Magento, an ecommerce platform that allows great flexibility in customizing and graphically enhanced.
Featuring an intuitive interface, the Magento platform also includes powerful tools for marketing, SEO optimization and catalog management products. Here are the details of its main features:

  • easy management of e – commerce
  • predisposition for language localization and optimization for search engines
  • analysis and real-time reporting
  • marketing tools and promotions
  • easy management and order tracking

Sections even more interactive, effective navigation paths, for a product search even easier, more attention to the customer: the new site Eoffice with his style focuses on the user

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