Case History: mobile applicative mockup for agents and managers General Electric

User experience and mockup: a new important project for General Electric

A new and important project has paved the way to Sintra Consulting for a prestigious partnership with the Oil& Gas Division of GE, making it the company registered with the official suppliers of the US multinational.
The occasion was the realization of a mockup for an application Mobile for agents and managers, intended for internal use and aimed at ensuring a more efficient order management.
General Electric

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From idea to mock: the project for General Electric

Starting from the specific demands and needs of the customer, the project has an initial design stage where the objectives we come to the realization of a real prototype that has allowed us to test the application before its final implementation, resulting in a tangible feedback on its usability.

Wireframes and mockups: the phases of the project

Intended for use on a tablet, the application into it immediately required special attention in the design phase. Starting from the specifications provided in the preliminary phase of the briefing with the customer, so it is proceeded in stages:


Pen and paper have allowed the maximum freedom in the organization of the space of the screen, allowing you to make the selection on the content and experience so the interface. The first graphic draft also allowed to bring out even the first problems related to the interaction and the organization of the flow of navigation.

Creation of wireframes

After the design phase it is thus proceeded to the realization of wireframes of the various screens, a first draft static in digital format application. We might consider the wireframe as a skeleton real application, useful for delineating the tree and define the correct position of each element within.

Definition of mockup

Starting from the basic structure of the wireframe has thus passed to the creation of the mockup, integrating the skeleton already defined the graphic design. The inclusion of graphical detail has allowed us to give greater consistency to the project itself, coming to define precisely the different screens of the application, thus preparing it for a possible testing. The mockup has allowed to represent in detail the content, demonstrate the functionality of the application, without giving even the graphic side of the project.


Once you prepared the screens it was possible to recreate the interaction through sensitive areas that have allowed us to realize the different streams of navigation. In doing so it was possible to allow to a user a user experience very Properly matching the real one, thus giving a practical reflection on the quality of the design.

Usability and design: the central role of the user in the design phase

The user experience in front of a product, service, or an interface is always subjective. Is, however, necessary in the planning stage always try to ensure, utility, efficiency but especially an objective simplicity of use in order to make each browsing experience enjoyable.

That is why even in the design stage becomes crucial the role of the user. Designing interfaces using wireframes and mockups and to follow it a test phase allows more and get feedback on the quality of the same design and usability of the interface even before it is built.

It is to prevent the hazards but not limited to: a design made by mockup allows you to:

  • communicate more easily with the customer as it immediately concrete idea
  • collect feedback
  • to better manage every complexity of the project
  • to reduce design costs

In addition to the project for GE, the staff of Sintra has chosen to design interfaces and applications using this methodology also for other clients such as Unicredit Bank, Compass, Aboca SpA, Bardahl and Hi.Tech.

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