Case History: e-commerce Monnalisa

e-Commerce Monnalisa: the new shop on- line children’s fashion

Even more users choose to make their purchases online. And This is the picture that emerges from a Nielsen survey, according to which now 85% of Internet users have made ​​at least once online purchases, an increase of 40 % compared to two years ago .

This new consumption tendency seems to prevail also in Italy where the ​​e-commerce sector becomes, always more, not only an alternative sales channel, but a real business opportunity that results in the access to a global market with hundreds of millions of potential customers.

Lots of opportunities that couldn’t let get away to Monnalisa SpA, a world leader in the clothing market and accessories for children, which < strong> entrusted on the professionalism of Sintra Consulting to breathe new life to his virtual shop.


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The new e-Commerce Monnalisa Dreams:

After a first restyling in January 2008, Monnalisa SpA chose again the professionalism and experience of Sintra Consulting to provide its e- commerce to a new design and a new technology platform. With the primary aim of improving the usability and ease of navigation, the < strong> Sintra Consulting team has designed and developed the new e-commerce portal reaching a perfect balance between design and technology.
Let’s look closely at the new virtual shop Monnalisa.

Magento the tecnological choice

For the new Monnalisa e-commerce the technological choice fell on Magento, an ecommerce platform among the most advanced on the market today, offering flexibility in customizing and graphically enhanced. Built on open source technology Open Software (OSL) v3.0, it has an intuitive interface and includes powerful marketing tools, SEO optimization and catalog management that allow flexibility in the management of the same portal. Here are the details some features of Magento:
• easy management of e-commerce;
• preparation for localization in language;
• optimization for search engines;
• analysis and real-time reporting;
• marketing tools and promotions;
• Checkout payment quick and easy;
• shipping method customized for each country;
• management and order tracking.

The new Monnalisa e-commerce was integrated within complex software architecture capable of interfacing with the platform of the warehouse management. The e-commerce is in fact connected to a single manager of product availability SOA, service-oriented architecture to availability) which allows all the players involved (B2B, B2C, shops) to know in the real-time the products availability.

Purchasing procedures even easier and faster

The new e-commerce platform of Monnalisa is designed so that the customer can complete his purchase in the shortest time possible. This means that the user who enters the new site to research the products of interest is guided and facilitated by a system of filters and guided by a categorization for the kinds of products. Once logged on the customer can choose from the collections for children and those for girls, see the products as a function of the various group brands Monnalisa or choose from products of current collection or collections on sale, as well as filter the products by type ( pants, shirts, footwear, accessories…. ).

The new graphic of MonnalisaLs Dreams

Starting from a first analysis of the major e- commerce of fashion garments and accessories, the design team of Sintra has chosen to adopt for the new e-shop Monnalisa a clean graphic style that, while preserving some of the hallmarks of the brand image, in particular the refinement of the style, would allow a more immediate interaction with the user.
The choice was a graphic oriented use of the doodle ( scarabocchio in Italian ), a graphic style nice and original capable of bringing more brands to the target child / child, presenting a website stylistically playful eyes of the parent, true stakeholder of the sales activities of the brand. The choice of this style has allowed to graphically enrich the pages , ” adorn them “, but without invading heavily, since it is easily recognizable what is real ( photos for example) from what is only ornament.

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