Case History: Apoteca Natura Portal

Portal Apoteca Nature: web 2.0 and e-learning

With Web 2.0 refers to the process that has brought Internet to become a channel of consultation only to interactive tool in which the user can interact with the service provider.



In modern times, “Web 2.0” is, however, a term often associated with social network for entertainment purposes such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to name the most famous, but there are situations in which such a “revolution”, investing the professional sphere, allowed to create new channels of relationship and new business opportunities.
This is the case of Aboca SpA , a leading company in Italy for the production and trade of natural products for personal well-being, that through Apoteca Nature has created a network of pharmacies and herbalists partner, specializing in selling and supporting its products Herbal health, forming its own sales network through the eponymous portal a real social network “e-learning oriented” .


Apoteca Natura

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The Apoteca Nature portal of Aboca S.p.A.:

Apoteca Nature is a qualified commercial network for the sale and support to herbal medicinal products Aboca . The company was therefore need to create a tool that could, in addition to providing the right training and the constant updating to pharmacies and herbalists partners, to make learning verifiable and measurable avoiding the use of frequent and expensive training courses “face to face”. The portal allow for:

– Read up through the consultation manuals web-oriented

– Learning through viewing of video courses

Consult our products and be up to date about the latest news

See the Business reports

Request videoconferencing customized training

– Refer to the territorial training courses of the program and sign up

Acquire credits – called “Petals training” – by partecipating on educational events such as questionnaires or incurrence of videoconferencing

Read the latest news from the world and Aboca Apoteca Nature

Inquire about commercial offers and access the technical documentation

– A website with full compatibility for computers with outdated software

Encouraging the customer to reach a goal: the achievement of 30 credits

The development of the project by Sintra

The development team of Sintra Consulting, directed by Vincenzo Raimondo, has translated from the beginning the customers needs in solutions that fulfill both the needs expressed and the possible problems that can present a site as complex.
They choce to use and develop:

  • ASP.NET MS SQL Database: To ensure the reliability and an excellent performance over time, even when when the number of customers increases, and to make efficient maintenance site over time even in the face of new evolutionary changes
  • Meets programming , resorting to the use of established pattern
  • Dedicated Server: to meet the broad user base and to improve the optimization of the site in relation to search engines
  • Solutions AJAX: improve the interaction with the end user
  • A lot of attention has been placed on the front of browser compatibility, even for older ones. To this aim, the code useful for programming the site has been written in compliance with the current standards and earlier although the determining factor to achieve this objective was the accurate testing and debugging done a posteriori.
    From the technical point of view it is remarkable work done to allow the user profiling, both as holders of the store that as collaborators.

    Even the graphics definition of the site has taken on a strategic role aimed at encouraging the use of the site while respecting the guidelines of the other brands of the customer and specifications provided by the design studio of Aboca. The choices were then those of:

    • Make a home page web 2.0 to allow interaction between pharmacists
    • Optimize the arrangement of contents for easy navigation and the comparison between different products
    • Compliance with the criteria of usability and interactivity of web 2.0

    The results: the experience of e-learning applied to trade

    The development of the project by Sintra

    The results obtained fulfill their goals: the site is intuitive and usable and thanks to the graphics menu and the positioning of objects easily identifiable learning is more pleasant and it support the pharmacist in his formative treaning. the achievement of goals upon passing of a certain number of credits – ” petals training ” – ,encourages you to participate in an active and ongoing way.
    A lot of importance is given to the ability to easily contact the company tutors to get feedback on the products and on reports of the company and the < b > consultation of business reports to control real-time the relation between customer and supplier.

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