Statement on Cookies : how to be in good standing with your Web Site

Manage the cookies within a website, informing users how to use them, is one of the topics that must be dealt with for anyone who runs a website or e-commerce site.

But let’s start by explaining what Cookies are: Cookies are string of text small, that are stored in users’ computers , when they visit a website.
We use cookies to personalize your experience, collecting specific information such as tracings sessions or content viewed in case of a purchase in order to be able to carry out remarketing.

On May 8, 2014 authority on privacy , issued a < strong> Regulation for the ” Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies ” imposing a deadline for all operators of websites and e- commerce sites to come into compliance with the legislation by June 2, 2015.

The prin  privacy cipale aim of the legislation is to protect the privacy of users , informing the use cookies for profiling within of Websites , giving them instructions on how to give consent in cases where it is required by law
The legislation distinguishes between two types of cookies:

  • tecnical coockie:: used to improve the concerned
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Sintra Consulting Poland for integration of local communities in Poland with 24 Odrowaz

Created with the aim of fostering integration among the inhabitants of the districts of Szydłowiec, Konecki, Opoczno, Poland Skarżysko Przysucha and the site < strong> Odrowaz 24 , is one of the services created for the Polish territory

In finding the right name that could represent portal, Sintra Consulting Poland’s staff that are responsible for the development and layout of the portal looked for something that links all the districts that are part of the Voivodeship Kielce since 1975, concluding that their common point is the Odrowaz family who are very famous in those lands. It is based on the site name Obrawaz 24

A portal designed to offer services to citizens , which included links that
lead to sites that provide an overview of news and information related to
the region.

The main objective of this website is to promote local activities, blogs institutions, associations, and business and then support the social and economic development of the territories through the internet.

The components of the 24 Odrawaz site are:

Those websites collect the information from the particular region and redirect it to target sites where the visitors are able to read the whole article. Their aim … Leggi tutto


Portal Szydlowiecki: Polish portal built by Sintra Consulting Poland

It can be considered as one of the most important projects carried out by the team of Sintra Consulting Poland using the   WordPress platform.

The main objective of the portal is to create favorable conditions for building a local civic community. It is an influential website which in addition to the variety of information from the Szydlowiec County field
and the neighboring areas will also contain the editorial content.
Portal Szydłowiecki is a website that can play a huge role in the formation of civil society and it has local ties within that defined area.
Apart from providing the visitors of the website with local information, Portal Szydłowiecki will also contain articles about important events that took place in the country and in the world, especially those that more or
less influence the way of life for the residents of Szydłowiec, Chlewiska, Jastrząb, Mirów and Orońsko regions in Poland. The visitors will also find a practical guide which will contain, for example, the contact information of
government offices and institutions of the Szydlowiec County, road transportation timetables and a list of pharmacies open at night, on Sundays and over holidays.
Portal Szydłowiecki is a brand new news portal among … Leggi tutto


Sintra Friday Community: a day in Sintra with Melania Peruzzi

There is collaboration and sharing of the results achieved in their work, which is a key to growing the company’s team spirit.

Precisely for this Sintra Consulting decided to organize meetings with their employees, the Sintra Friday Community , a real moment of enrichment and opportunities to share ideas and projects.

The first meeting was starring by Melania Peruzzi, Head of Customer Care service for 1Minute Site.

Melania explained to colleagues the excellent results achieved by 1 Minute Site in the last year.
The flagship product of Sintra Consulting, 1 Minute Site is a CMS that allows users to create website in a few easy steps, updating it in complete autonomy

During the meeting, Melanie also showed an overview of the latest features implemented on the platform

Responsive templateservizi_1minutesite
• Multilingual Function 
3th level Menu ;
Attachments in the contact form
•Integration with price comparators as TrovaPrezzi
• Assistence with AdWord Campaigne



There are many features including but not limited to: the strength of 1 Minute Site is also in its customer care service , in the daily activities that plays Melanie and the other collaborators of the team, but also in … Leggi tutto


The Sintra Consulting Poland activities for COMES

COMES -manufacturer of playground equipment from Poland

We have just finished the first stage of the reconstruction of the website and created a new visual identity for our potential customers from Poland.
COMES is a company that specializes in building high quality playgrounds for children. The company concentrates not only on the entertainment factor, but mainly on the level of security of the playgrounds. The director of the organization states, that the greatest reward for hard work and commitment is the customer’s satisfaction and the laughter of children.

As an experienced manufacturer of playground equipment and fancy metal casting, COMES offers high quality products. The colorful playground equipment is located in thousands of places throughout the country.

The activities of Sintra Consulting Poland 

Sintra Sintra and the Sintra Consulting team was responsible for the reconstruction of the main page. Upgrading of site preceded with the ongoing work on the change of the company’s visual identity, for example,
the logo. The new COMES logo is keeping up with the new trends in logo design; it is solid, straight cut and lightweight with non-aggressive colors.
Positive connotations became the basis for the new brand.sito_web

The layout of the COMES home … Leggi tutto

Web Marketing in Polond: the activities of the business unit of Sintra Consulting post image

Web Marketing in Polond: the activities of the business unit of Sintra Consulting

Web Marketing: an overview

Nowadays the use of the web is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, both for its simplicity, speed of use and for its economy; a global network that allows access to an endless array of information of all kinds.
Recently, through a survey, it was shown that Poland is the second highest ranking country in the world on social networks (43 % of its population).

That’s why Poland is a real opportunity for those who want to do business through the web today, increasing their profits.
When Polish users surf the Internet, they do so to find information that can help them. That’s why the web is an important opportunity for companies to make themselves known and to find potential customers

The online advertising market

To better understand the power of web marketing in Poland, below is a brief description of what is its background is.
The standards relating to advertising are determined by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an international organization that recognizes the web as a tool for advertising, conducting research and providing legal support for the online sector advertising.
The IAB was founded in the United States and currently operates worldwide. Among the members … Leggi tutto

Internationalization: the Sintra experience in Poland post image

Internationalization: the Sintra experience in Poland

An important opportunity to strengthen its business, a valuable opportunity for learning and growth for all corporate resources but not limited to: the choice to join projects for cultural exchange and business, to Sintra, has resulted in the opening of two spin-off company, Sintra Consulting Poland and Sintra Consulting UK .

Sintra Consulting Poland: the entrepreneurial project across borders

Always attentive to offer solutions that are innovative and creative in order, thus, meet the demands of its customers, Sintra Consulting is a reality in step with the times, both in offering web solutions, both advisory services in field of web marketing.

Through a strategic approach and the adoption of a market-oriented resource management, Sintra has managed over time to focus on the growth and development of their organization, so as to give rise to a well-established business reality even beyond national borders.

Sintra Consulting has so soon said his name also in Poland, where a team of brilliant programmers deals with the design of web sites using various platforms (1 Minute Site, Drupal and WordPress), as well as the realization of online catalogs and e-commerce technology with Magento
Web designing solutions but not only: the team Rzeszow (district sub – … Leggi tutto

Mobile Friendly Website? Google award you! post image

Mobile Friendly Website? Google award you!

Some people like it mobile. 

We’re talking, of course, about websites and the next indexation method that Google will use to evaluate the sites and their leading position in the SERP (results page), thanks to a new algorithm that will work globally from 21 April 2015 . The official Google blog announced the new algorithm the webmaster presenting the new criteria that will be used in order to provide users with the best results for their research. This will display properly on your device, the pages were found regardless of the size or type of the screen possessed.


The message is clear: the sites are not “mobile friendly” will be rated lower
than those conceived and designed for mobile devices.
We could say, “a webmaster warned is awebmaster saved”. In addition to the deadline of the commissioning of the new algorithm, the experts of “Big G” make a series of tools that will allow those who have not yet done
so make their websites optimized for tablets and smartphones available. It is to help a website fit the criteria and specific requests, such as Mountain View, to ensure that it will appear among the first results of online
searches carried … Leggi tutto

ProBike Livi Arezzo: on-line the New Website post image

ProBike Livi Arezzo: on-line the New Website

probike_livi_homePublished on- line the new website of a ProBike Livi, Arezzo store specializing in the sale of bicycles and accessories.

Featuring an attractive design , the website offers users the opportunity to know in detail the brands handled and services offered.

There is a lot of great content including but not limited to: the website is really an explosion of colors. Beautiful photo galleries dominate the home page, as well as the inner sections.
Particularly curious is the section dedicated to products, where with a convenient reference, you can discover the brands offered

Finally we recommend not to miss the ” Vintage Area “: here are fantastic photo galleries, even in the smallest details, the bike restored and put back on the street by the team of ProBike Livi.

The site was created with CMS technology and therefore is easily managed and updated in real time.
ProBike Livi

Sale of bicycles and accessories

Development Team:
Project Manager
Web Designer
Web Developer

technology Used:
CMS – 1 Minute Site

 … Leggi tutto

Mobile Internet: is Boom also in Italy post image

Mobile Internet: is Boom also in Italy

Increases exponentially the number of users connecting to the network every day, even in Italy.

There is an exponential increase in the number of users connecting to the internet every day, even in Italy.
To make this information known, there is a report on the spread of the web made by Audiweb Trends, based on data from a survey conducted by Doxa.
According to report, in 2014, there were 20.9 million unique daily users and 28.6 million monthly users, with an overall growth of 3%.
Leading the latter were especially access to devices Mobile , smartphone and tablet .
If the web is now affecting approximately 84.6% of the Italian population, there are about 40 million users who say they access the Internet from anywhere about 27,800,000 those who access by smartphone and about 10.2 million users bytablet.

Here then is that over the past year, the use of the Mobile data reaches very significant with 15.6 million online users who connect from smartphone and tablet , 3 million more than those who connect to PC.

Search sites, general portals, social networks, news, video, e-mail but not limited to: who has access to the Internet from Mobile is Leggi tutto

A successfull restyling:  La Ciesa Website post image

A successfull restyling: La Ciesa Website

New graphics forLa Ciesa website, a farm in the province of Pavia specialized in producing excellent wines
Creare Sito Web - La Ciesa

Featuring an attractive design , the new site is a fantastic showcase for the company on the web: many useful information to guide us to his discovery.

From the vineyards to the description of the winery and the true tradition of wine but not limited to: the site also features a section dedicated to the eCommerce and dedicated also to the online sales of products . Here wines and typical products are presented with detailed data sheets.

Many content but not limited to: the website is really accurate in every detail and the pictures really play a leading role. Beautiful photographs dominate the home page but also in the inner sections that you can learn about the company with fantastic photographs collected in slideshow and photo gallery .
1 Minute Site - Sito Web La CiesaRealized with 1Minute Site, the CMS platform of Sintra to create a websitethe site is fully manageable and upgradeable in real time.

The contents of the different sections and the product catalog can now be managed in a few simple clicks.

Content managed in complete autonomy, attractive graphics, but also excellent visibility Leggi tutto

Microdata: the secret for a Friendly e-Commerce Google post image

Microdata: the secret for a Friendly e-Commerce Google

good visibility on search engine it is often the keystone for the success of your e-Commerce.
Increase in the number of visits, qualified traffic, more sales opportunities: to achieve these goals is not always an optimization standard is sufficient, indeed
it becomes important to start working more ” in depth “.

Search engines are becoming ever more concerned that the content that we offer our users are authoritative and structured.

To authoritative content , at least in the case of e-commerce, search engine takes into account some important factors such as:

  • longevity of the domine
  • number of pages indexed
  • traffic generated and low bounce rate
  • link building natural
  • proper management of meta content (to avoid as far as possible duplicates)
  • correct Error Handling 400 and 500 (generated or deletion of pages or code errors that prevent a correct reading of the spider)
  • correct management target international in which the pages are intended
  • from 2014 even the social network share and interact constantly with our website
  • reviews and real comments

Microdata: what they are and how they work

Defined by Google as “ a way to label content to describe a specific type of information (such as reviews, information about Leggi tutto

Sintra Consulting partner of the first Ted<sup>x</sup> all from Aretino post image

Sintra Consulting partner of the first Tedx all from Aretino

It was precisely the city of Petrarch, Guido Monaco and Vasari to host last December 13 TEDArezzo, an event well-known worldwide, but still poorly known in our country .

Sintra Consulting partner TEDx ArezzoAnd we were there! Sintra Consulting partner of the event was in fact promoted by Knowità , with the patronage of the town of Arezzo and the collaboration of Workshop 31 as the main partner.

Born as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, the idea of ​​a no -profit organization(TED), the event became known and appreciated in many countries as a source of ideas, plasmandosi perfectly to the context of the city host.

Thinkers but also protagonists of the ” do ” have come and gone so for propose ideas with the aim to inspire innovation and give life to ideas of value.
Arezzo the event could not disregard the history of the city, from those characters that made ​​it famous in the world and who have contributed to the growth of our culture: from Petrarch to Guido Monaco, by Giorgio Vasari, Francesco Redi.

The day was so unraveled between present and future by presenting the theme ” The great, the New “. A dialogue between … Leggi tutto

Internationalization as New Business Opportunity : the experience of Sintra post image

Internationalization as New Business Opportunity : the experience of Sintra

Erasmus per Giovani ImprenditoriThe television report aired last December 4 in the frame of the program “ Hello Region Tuscany ” Rai 3 it is perhaps the most recent confirmation: international , openness to new markets and collaboration with young professionals from other European countries are assets on which the Sintra recent years has chosen to invest and build its competitive advantage, accounting for the territory an example of business excellence.

Britain, Spain and Poland, new customers and new business opportunities: if the UK a supply contract with e-Office first, and later a partnership agreement, allowed to Sintra to launch across the Channel, 1 Minute Site in English ( ), the collaboration with young entrepreneurs is instead an opportunity to penetrate the Spanish market and the Polish, starting outside the country precious partnership


Erasmus and Leonardo Programmes: the opening of Sintra Europe

4 young students arrived in Sintra with Leonardo , five young entrepreneurs who have chosen our company for an experience abroad with Erasmus , all coming mainly from Spain and Poland’s accession to projects for cultural exchange and business has been over time, and is still, to Sintra is not only a valuable opportunity for oversight of new markets, … Leggi tutto

User experience and mockup: a new and important project marks the beginning of collaboration with GE post image

User experience and mockup: a new and important project marks the beginning of collaboration with GE

User Experience e MockupFor over ten years we contribute to the success of our clients, creating websites, web based platforms and e-commerce success: the passion for our work, the professionalism that has always distinguished us, as well as the continuous training of our resources, enable us each day to respond better to the needs of our customers and to the new challenges posed by the digital marketplace.

And no doubt the case of interface design for websites and mobile application , one of the areas in which the staff of Sintra has chosen to specialize, offering its customers web solutions with high added value, that combine aesthetics and usability, thanks to a design that focuses on the user and his needs ( user centered design ).

In this context, a new and important project has paved the way to Sintra Consulting for a prestigious collaboration with the Oil & amp; Gas Division of GE , making it the company registered with the official suppliers of the US multinational.

The occasion was the realization of a mockup for a mobile application for agents and managers, intended for internal use and aimed at ensuring a more effective order management.

“It ‘Usability’ to rule the Web. … Leggi tutto

Loyalty to Work Award 2014: an important recognition for Sintra Consulting post image

Loyalty to Work Award 2014: an important recognition for Sintra Consulting

A team of professionals specializing in software development , visual design , user experience design and web marketing as well 200 customers B2B and 4,000 clients in B2C portfolio , a company that has made of innovation , the quality of its services , the enhancement and the continuing education of its resources the foundation on which to build their competitive advantage : 2001 to present Sintra Consulting has always aimed to be for their own territory an example of business excellence .

Today this excellence has crossed national borders and Sintra Consulting has opened its business also to foreign markets

Sintra Consulting - Premio Fedeltà al Lavro e Sviluppo Economico 2014

A confirmation of this new commitment, the < strong> Loyalty Award for Work and Economic Development in 2014 in the category of Internationalization , Sintra was so an important recognition and a confirmation of the value for the commitment shown .

The Internationalization Award for Sintra comes during a growth path that is leading the company to establish itself with its products and services in established markets as part of digital technology with the UK and in markets yet growing as the Spain and Poland .

In Spain and Poland, Sintra has launched its own web site builder , but is … Leggi tutto

On-line, the Snai Portal realized by Sintra Consulting post image

On-line, the Snai Portal realized by Sintra Consulting

Sintra Consulting was responsible for the creation of the new portal Snai Coupon , dedicated to coupons and special offers related to the Snai world.

Characterized by attractive graphics, the portal was created with Drupal technology

Result of a careful analysis of usability and careful design, the portal has two different navigation paths that allow the user to select or based on the type of offer or by their sport of interest.

The organization of the content is effective, so that the choice of a block structure allows users to easily navigate the different sections.… Leggi tutto

Sintra Consulting sign the new on-line shop post image

Sintra Consulting sign the new on-line shop

With a growing number of people who surf regularly on the web on the move, social networks and e-commerce sites, in this first half of 2014, still win the attention of most users.

The e-commerce segment in particular, seems to be destined to grow even more in the coming months with a overall growth worldwide 20% from last year to a total turnover of about 1.5 trillion dollars.

Driving the growth is above all the on-line store of the big names in fashion, but also shop dedicated to the house, with furniture and objects
Feel Design

In this latter case of , the new online shop signed Sintra Consulting.
A veritable temple of virtual design and of the culture of the dwell, a fascinating world where you can discover the most beautiful collections, gives users what the best on the market, brand and famous quality articles for decorating with style house


Featuring by a captivating graphic layout, the new on-line shop offers simple and intuitive navigation paths , thanks to a detailed megamenù and a system of led filters that allow you to quickly find products.

As previously happens with other e-commerce success, even in the case of … Leggi tutto

Bardahl Italia: on-line the new website post image

Bardahl Italia: on-line the new website

New layout for the website of Bardahl. Design much more attractive and in line with the latest trends in the web but not limited to: the site has new sections and is enriched with new features.

Sections already on subsidy-driven website, Cars, Motorcycle and Industry it also adds the world Racing. Do not miss also the new page dedicated to Bardahl Experience:video, photo galleries and plenty of room to all fans of Bardahl that here there is also space for comment on products

ImmagineMade with Bee 2.0 platform developed by Sintra, the site features a simple and intuitive administration panel for managing content, while the product catalog and cards retailers are directly managed by the company intranet

Find out nowLeggi tutto

Advertising on-line oltre i confini nazionali: ecco come i nostri clienti conquistano nuovi mercati post image

Advertising on-line oltre i confini nazionali: ecco come i nostri clienti conquistano nuovi mercati

La visibilità sui motori di ricerca è da sempre l’elemento chiave per costruire il proprio successo sul web e far crescere il proprio business on-line.  
Le attività da compiere per far raggiungere ad un sito web un buon posizionamento sui motori sono davvero molteplici e spaziano da interventi più corposi e continuativi nel tempo a soluzioni di più breve respiro, perché a volte è necessario fare uno scatto iniziale importante per dare un’impronta decisiva alla partita, come nel caso delle campagne pay per click.

ImmagineRisultati tangibili nell’arco di breve tempo, investimenti certi: la gestione di una campagna pay per click richiede professionalità ed esperienza. 
In Sintra, un team di professionisti altamente qualificati segue passo passo la realizzazione di campagne pay per click, raggiungendo risultati considerevoli.

Scopri come alcuni nostri clienti hanno visto crescere il successo del proprio sito web grazie a campagne pay per click e come grazie a queste hanno potuto aprire il proprio business a nuovi mercati.

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Car.met: lo shop on-line firmato 1 Minute Site post image

Car.met: lo shop on-line firmato 1 Minute Site

Stufe a pellet, porte blindate, carpenteria metallica: Car.met, azienda dalla pluriennale esperienza nel settore della carpenteria, ha scelto la professionalit&agrave; dello staff di Sintra e di quello di 1 Minute Site per la realizzazione del nuovo sito web aziendale.

Car.met Realizzato con tecnologia 1 Minute Site, il nuovo sito web di Car.met presenta un layout grafico decisamente accattivante.
Accanto alle sezioni più isituzionali dedicati alla presentazione dell’azienda ed alle sue linee di prodotto, troviamo anche una sezione e-commerce, dove l’utente ha la possibilità di acquistare in pochi click stufe a pellet.… Leggi tutto

Web usability: il successo di un sito web inizia da qui post image

Web usability: il successo di un sito web inizia da qui

Chiarezzacoerenzanavigazione semplice ed efficacecapacità di concentrarsi sulle esigenze e gli obiettivi degli utenti, in due parole “web usability”: il successo di un sito web, oggi forse molto più che qualche anno fa, non può più prescindere dalla sua capacità di “soddisfare” l’utente.

ImmagineAnalisi dei bisogni del cliente e del mercato di riferimento, ideazione, wireframe, mockup, test di usabilità: un buon sito web non si realizza senza un lavoro di progettazione attento e preciso.

Da oltre dieci anni contribuiamo al successo dei nostri clienti, curando ogni aspetto del loro progetto web, dall’ideazione alla sua pubblicazione.
Competenze, esperienza, professionalità: la passione per il nostro lavoro e l’impegno nei confronti dei clienti ci spingono a migliorarci sempre di più, accogliendo sempre le nuove sfide del mercato.

Tutto ciò in Sintra si concretizza ogni giorno nella collaborazione con figure professionali altamente qualificate e nella formazione continua delle risorse interne.

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On-line il nuovo shop di Grant: la moda bambina vola sul web! post image

On-line il nuovo shop di Grant: la moda bambina vola sul web!

Tassi di crescita a doppia cifra, oltre 12 miliardi di euro spesi in acquisti da soli consumatori italiani: in un periodo di forte recessioni economica e calo dei consumi come quello che stiamo vivendo, il mercato e-commerce non conosce crisi e si afferma come uno dei canali di vendita più redditizi per grandi brand come per piccole e medie realtà.

A guidare la crescita è soprattutto il comparto dell’abbigliamento ed in questo ambito sono sempre di più anche le aziende di abbigliamento per bambini che scelgono di investire sul web, trovando qui un un canale di vendita assolutamente valido da affiancare a quelli più tradizionali.

Grant ShopÈ proprio questo il caso di Grant S.p.A, azienda di riferimento nel mercato della moda bambini di fascia alta, che recentemente si è avvalsa della professionalità di Sintra Consulting realizzare un nuovo shop on-
line, decisamente in linea con la propria brand identity.

Accattivante, funzionale, il nuovo shop rispecchia perfettamente lo stile e l’eleganza che da sempre caratterizzano le collezioni di Grant e rappresenta un’ottima vetrina on-line per i suoi brand.

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Come si crea un ecommerce di successo. Colloquio con Roberto Fumarola post image

Come si crea un ecommerce di successo. Colloquio con Roberto Fumarola

roberto fumarola - ecommerceL’evoluzione dell’e-Commerce e dell’acquisto on line di prodotti e servizi è uno dei settori in più forte espansione pur in un periodo di crisi.

Sintra Consulting ha un’esperienza decennale in questo ambito e ha deciso di affidarsi a Roberto Fumarola per quattro giorni di formazione per le proprie risorse di Web Marketing e Sviluppo piattaforma e-Commerce.

Roberto è fondatore, docente e animatore dell’E-Commerce Academy e B2commerce.

Insieme a lui abbiamo letto e navigato gli Analytics di casi reali, clienti importanti di Sintra Consulting per trovare spazi di miglioramento e riflessione, strumenti di analisi e nuove prospettive di crescita per i nostri clienti.

In particolare le giornate hanno avuto come focus i casi studio di Monnalisadreams, e-Commerce leader del settore abbigliamento bambino, Feel Design, progetto nato a novembre 2013 come e-Commerce in drop shipping di Arredamento, Illuminazione e Hi tech, oltre a LineOnLine, e-Commerce di articoli per ferramenta che sta segnando ottime performance in termini di fatturato, SEO e soddisfazione dei clienti.

Infine è stata dedicata una giornata a 1MinuteSite, CMS che offre l’opportunità di creare un sito web on line, comunità di oltre 150.000 utenti registrati.

Al termine del corso abbiamo scambiato quattro … Leggi tutto

eOffice: on-line con il nuovo sito web firmato Sintra Consulting

EofficePiù accattivante, più dinamico, ricco di contenuti e senza dubbio più funzionale ed usabile: eOffice con l’aiuto di Sintra Consulting rafforza la propria identità on-line,presentando un sito web dalla grafica completamente rinnovata.

eOffice - Home PageRispetto al precedente sito web, rimangono costanti alcuni elementi salienti della brand identity come logo, gamma di colori, universo iconografico.
Cambiano invece l’impostazione grafica e l’architettura, pensate entrambe per facilitare l’utente nella navigazione e nella ricerca del servizio più adatto alle sue esigenze di business.

Il risultato? Un sito web assolutamente di impatto, capace di offrire all’utente la possibilità di completare il proprio task in modo semplice ed intuitivo.
Bastano pochi click per cercare il work space nella location d’interesse, prenotare ed acquistare, il tutto senza mai perdere di vista il design decisamente web 2.0.
Tecnologia, design ed usabilità: questi gli “ingredienti” fondamentali di questo restyling di successo.

Per Saperne di Più>>

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Il 2013 di Sintra Consulting: bilancio entusiasmante in vista del nuovo anno

Copy1_SintraIl mese di Dicembre, lo sappiamo, è tempo di progetti per il nuovo anno ma soprattutto di bilanci: solo ripartendo da questi ultimi è possibile infatti pianificare al meglio le attività per l’anno che sta per iniziare.

Questo 2013 è stato per Sintra Consulting un anno importante, ricco di entusiasmanti progetti che hanno consentito alla nostra azienda di crescere, arricchire e migliorare i propri servizi.

L’acquisizione di nuovi importanti clienti, così come la conferma di molte aziende per le quali già lavoravamo,  ci ha permesso così di arricchire non solo il nostro portfolio ma anche di sperimentare nuove strategie e tecnologie, aprendoci così ad un mercato sempre più internazionale.

Realizzazione di e-commerce, siti web, applicazioni mobile,  sviluppo di piattaforme collaborative, attività SEO e web marketing: nel 2013 Sintra ha portato a termine numerosi progetti che hanno coinvolto diverse professionalità dell’azienda.

Non sono inoltre mancate le collaborazioni con università ed esperti del settore che hanno consentito anche al nostro staff di acquisire nuove  competenze nell’ambito del mobile e della web usability.

Leggi Tutto>>

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1 Minute Site: più di 150.000 siti web realizzati ed un successo in continua crescita

1MinuteSitePiù di 150.000 utenti solo in Italia, oltre 20.000 utilizzatori in Spagna, 2.000 siti web realizzati nel Regno Unito ed oltre 3.000 nel resto del mondo: il successo di 1 Minute Site supera i confini nazionali ed il web site builder firmato Sintra Consulting continua a confermarsi la soluzione ideale per creare un sito web professionale, senza conoscere alcun linguaggio di programmazione e con tutta la libertà di poterlo aggiornare come e quando vuoi.
OneMinuteSiteIn un’epoca in cui il sito web da semplice biglietto da visita sta sempre più diventando, per grandi aziende, così come per piccole realtà e liberi professionisti, un vero e proprio strumento di marketing per farsi conoscere e rafforzare il proprio business, 1 Minute Site si conferma come la soluzione facile, veloce, ed economica per realizzare siti web di successo: scegli la grafica, inserisci i contenuti (testi, video, immagini), pubblica e sarai subito on-line in pochi click!

Dal lancio sul mercato avvenuto nel 2009 fino ad oggi, 1 Minute Site non ha mai smesso di rinnovarsi arricchendo sempre di più l’esperienza dei propri utenti.
Oltre agli sviluppi tecnologici ed all’inserimento di nuove funzionalità, l’impegno dello staffi di 1 Minute Site e di Sintra è stato … Leggi tutto

Sintra Consulting rinnova l’impegno con il mondo della scuola ed il territorio

Copy1_SintraTirocini formativi, stage universitari, tesi di laurea: da sempre Sintra Consulting ha mostrato grande interesse per il mondo della formazione e ha scelto di fare della collaborazione con università e centri di ricerca uno degli asset fondamentali su cui costruire il proprio vantaggio competitivo, offrendo sempre ai propri clienti soluzioni e servizi innovativi in linea con le più attuali esigenze del mercato.

Quest’anno l’impegno e l’interesse di Sintra per il mondo della scuola e della formazione si è fatto ancora più importante, concretizzandosi in una serie di progetti ed attività importanti, come nel caso della partnership con AssoCral che ha consentito a Sintra di aderire con 1 Minute Site al progetto “IoStudio – La Carta dello Studente”, riconoscendo così a migliaia di studenti italiani la possibilità di realizzare il loro sito web ad un prezzo super vantaggioso.

Sintra Consulting - MaratoninaPartnership con enti ed organizzazione di rilevanza nazionale ma non solo: Sintra ha recentemente scelto di “investire” anche sul territorio attivando un progetto di collaborazione con l’ITIS Galileo Galilei di Arezzo: un’opportunità imperdibile per molti studenti e, per Sintra, un impegno concreto con la comunità ed i giovani del territorio.

In occasione nella recente “Maratonina” della città di Arezzo, … Leggi tutto

1 Minute Site: cresce il successo del web site builder firmato Sintra Consulting

Copy1_1MinuteSitePiù di 150.000 utenti solo in Italia, oltre 3.000 clienti, oltre 20.000 utilizzatori in Spagna, 2.000 nel Regno Unito e circa 3.000 nel resto nel mondo: i numeri testimoniano il crescente successo di 1 Minute Site ed il web site builder firmato Sintra Consulting si conferma come la soluzione facile, flessibile, veloce ed economica per creare, in completa autonomia, il tuo sito internet.

oneminutesite - modelli graficiScegli la grafica, inserisci i tuoi contenuti e, con un click, sei subito on-line: per creare un sito web con 1 Minute Site non è necessario possedere competenze tecniche ed essere esperti programmatori o grafici.
Puoi scegliere tra numerosi template grafici, inserire i tuoi contenuti (testi, video, immagini, Google Maps..) con la facilità di un editor di testo e soprattutto aggiornare il tuo sito come e quando vuoi.

Dal suo lancio sul mercato fino ad oggi, 1 Minute Site non ha mai smesso di rinnovarsi offrendo ai propri utenti sempre più funzionalità ed un rilascio pressoché costante di nuovi modelli grafici.

Oltre ad investire in una costante crescita tecnologica, 1 Minute Site ha scelto nel loghi_convenzionitempo di rafforzare anche la propria posizione sul mercato dando vita ad una serie di collaborazioni e partnership di assoluta … Leggi tutto

Web, è ancora trend positivo…ed in rete impazza lo shopping

Con  circa metà della popolazione che si collega abitualmente da smartphone e PC, il web conferma, anche in questo secondo semestre dell’anno, un trend positivo che sembra destinato a consolidarsi.

Dati Audiweb – Fonte:

A rederlo noto è ancora, Audiweb,  che ci conferma come siano stat 28,5 milioni gli utenti che nel mese di Maggio che si sono collegati almeno una volta utilizzando il PC.

Social network, siti web di viaggi, giochi on-line, news ma non solo: ciò che gli italiani sembrano fare di più in rete è lo shopping.

Con oltre 9,6 miliardi di euro di vendite, solo in Italia ed un numero di utenti che è cresciuto di ben il 50% negli ultimi 12 mesi, il mondo del commercio virtuale sfida così la crisi riscontrata dal commercio reale ed arriva a rappresenteare per le aziende una concretissima opportunità di business.

  • Maggiore flessibilità
  • Minori costi di apertura e gestione dell’attività
  • Possibilità di raggiungere milioni di potenziali clienti
  • Opportunità di conoscere a fondo i propri clienti, monitorandone abitudini di acquisto, al fine di attivare iniziative promozionali focalizzate su specifici target

Quelli appena citati sono solo alcuni dei vantaggi più rilevanti che la gestione … Leggi tutto


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