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Mobile Friendly Website? Google award you!

Some people like it mobile. 

We’re talking, of course, about websites and the next indexation method that Google will use to evaluate the sites and their leading position in the SERP (results page), thanks to a new algorithm that will work globally from 21 April 2015 . The official Google blog announced the new algorithm the webmaster presenting the new criteria that will be used in order to provide users with the best results for their research. This will display properly on your device, the pages were found regardless of the size or type of the screen possessed.


The message is clear: the sites are not “mobile friendly” will be rated lower
than those conceived and designed for mobile devices.
We could say, “a webmaster warned is awebmaster saved”. In addition to the deadline of the commissioning of the new algorithm, the experts of “Big G” make a series of tools that will allow those who have not yet done
so make their websites optimized for tablets and smartphones available. It is to help a website fit the criteria and specific requests, such as Mountain View, to ensure that it will appear among the first results of online
searches carried out by users.
Among the tools available directly online, Google provides a useful drive optimizing websites for mobile devices; and a test to check your changes.

Any advice for webmasters

Also new, already active in the search engine Google , are related to the information retrieved from the apps , which appear in number higher among search results. So, next to the link of the web pages, you will see boxes that, if selected on the mobile device, open the app directly referenced.

In the policy that will be used by Google from April 21 to the sites accessible to mobile devices we include:

avoid uncommon software on smartphones (such as Flash);
– Use readable text without the need to resort to the zoom;
– Keep in separate the link from the content of the site;
link easy by clicking;
usability Mobile : navigation as natural as possible;

google-mobile-friendly label also in Italy , the percentage of users who use the smartphone for surfing and make online shopping is growing exponentially, so it is important, from the point of view of the SEO , create Web sites that respond well to the needs of such devices and tablet.
Just do a little experiment to see how the sites optimized for mobile devices are placed on top of the SERP, unresponsive sites end up lower and lower in the outcome of the research. In fact, by making any query from your phone, you can easily find sites with label “mobile-friendly” in the top end of the results while sites that are not mobile friendly always end up further down, thus, the ability to be viewed by anyone who needs to access a site quickly and immediately is important.


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