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Mobile Internet: is Boom also in Italy

Increases exponentially the number of users connecting to the network every day, even in Italy.

There is an exponential increase in the number of users connecting to the internet every day, even in Italy.
To make this information known, there is a report on the spread of the web made by Audiweb Trends, based on data from a survey conducted by Doxa.
According to report, in 2014, there were 20.9 million unique daily users and 28.6 million monthly users, with an overall growth of 3%.
Leading the latter were especially access to devices Mobile , smartphone and tablet .
If the web is now affecting approximately 84.6% of the Italian population, there are about 40 million users who say they access the Internet from anywhere about 27,800,000 those who access by smartphone and about 10.2 million users bytablet.

Here then is that over the past year, the use of the Mobile data reaches very significant with 15.6 million online users who connect from smartphone and tablet , 3 million more than those who connect to PC.

Search sites, general portals, social networks, news, video, e-mail but not limited to: who has access to the Internet from Mobile is also increasingly prepared to shop on-line .
The mobile segment becomes a driving force even in the world e-Commerce, where globally, about 33% of online buyers bought from smartphone in the last 12 months.

It is an opportunity to be seized for online shopping but not just for websites dedicated to selling online; the mobile version becomes a critical success factor. .

Web Mobile becomes just a smartphone

 banner_bardahl After the launch of I-Bardahl, the ‘application that allows users to learn about the different products and find the dealer nearest you, Bardahl in partnership with Sintra Consulting, presents the version Mobile of its corporate website .

Access to the entire catalog , and search dealer nearest : the version Mobile of the site, unlike I-Bardahl, It gives users the ability to see the news and allows direct access to the main channel social network company.

To are in fact the main navigation paths: access to the catalog products, the latter organized into macro and micro categories (worlds, product categories) and one directed to the main worlds of Bardahl, Auto , M oto and R acing .

From the home page of the individual worlds it is then possible to access the respective sections devoted to news and retailers, as well as a selection of the main product categories.

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e-Commerce Mobile: the challenge of Grant for 21/05 starts here

 mobile_grant Shop online accessible smartphone and tablet Grant SpA is preparing to conquer even the most “demanding” and in line with the latest digital trends, they love to connect and also buy from mobile devices.

The well-known brand of children’s fashion is launching its own version of an online shop, optimized for mobile navigation .

Attractive graphics with ample space to the images of collections and more: certainly of great impact, version Mobile of the shop offers, as in the desktop version, two main navigation paths , by brand and product categories, as well as the sections Sales and Outlet .

Excellent usability and ease of navigation: the navigation paths to the product pages to be able to purchase and perfectly reflected on the mobile site and it has the same features as in the desktop version, offering users an alternative to buying on the go.

Internet advertising: 2015 has started with the mobile world

If the transition from the old to the new Internet is almost complete and most users routinely surf from smartphones and tablets , the world of online advertising could not stay still.

This is why the latest trends are in the name of the cabinet also in advertising: to drive growth in this case it is the social , Facebook and Twitter in the first place, which allow advertisers to create messages specifically designated for those who sail from devices Mobile .

More opportunities targeting , new formats , geolocation : these are the critical success factors of a format that looks likely in the coming months , reaching consumers wherever it is.




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