Sintra Consulting partner of the first Tedx all from Aretino

It was precisely the city of Petrarch, Guido Monaco and Vasari to host last December 13 TEDArezzo, an event well-known worldwide, but still poorly known in our country .

Sintra Consulting partner TEDx ArezzoAnd we were there! Sintra Consulting partner of the event was in fact promoted by Knowità , with the patronage of the town of Arezzo and the collaboration of Workshop 31 as the main partner.

Born as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, the idea of ​​a no -profit organization(TED), the event became known and appreciated in many countries as a source of ideas, plasmandosi perfectly to the context of the city host.

Thinkers but also protagonists of the ” do ” have come and gone so for propose ideas with the aim to inspire innovation and give life to ideas of value.
Arezzo the event could not disregard the history of the city, from those characters that made ​​it famous in the world and who have contributed to the growth of our culture: from Petrarch to Guido Monaco, by Giorgio Vasari, Francesco Redi.

The day was so unraveled between present and future by presenting the theme ” The great, the New “. A dialogue between those who have made ​​it big Arezzo in the past and who can do it today
With a look to the great figures of the past, many speakers took turns on stage, bringing the experience, the projects of those who are, each in its own field, promoting ideas through innovation.

Sintra has always chosen to make innovation one of the factors on which to build its competitive advantage to meet the new challenges posed by the market.
Attend TED x Arezzo as sponsors, it was a further confirmation!

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