Internationalization as New Business Opportunity : the experience of Sintra post image

Internationalization as New Business Opportunity : the experience of Sintra

Erasmus per Giovani ImprenditoriThe television report aired last December 4 in the frame of the program “ Hello Region Tuscany ” Rai 3 it is perhaps the most recent confirmation: international , openness to new markets and collaboration with young professionals from other European countries are assets on which the Sintra recent years has chosen to invest and build its competitive advantage, accounting for the territory an example of business excellence.

Britain, Spain and Poland, new customers and new business opportunities: if the UK a supply contract with e-Office first, and later a partnership agreement, allowed to Sintra to launch across the Channel, 1 Minute Site in English ( ), the collaboration with young entrepreneurs is instead an opportunity to penetrate the Spanish market and the Polish, starting outside the country precious partnership


Erasmus and Leonardo Programmes: the opening of Sintra Europe

4 young students arrived in Sintra with Leonardo , five young entrepreneurs who have chosen our company for an experience abroad with Erasmus , all coming mainly from Spain and Poland’s accession to projects for cultural exchange and business has been over time, and is still, to Sintra is not only a valuable opportunity for oversight of new markets, but also a growth opportunities professional, and not only, for all its resources.

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Education and Internationalisation… to meet the new challenges of the global market

Strengthen relationships between companies across borders in order to create a business district on the European level that allows us to cope with the new challenges of the global market: training , innovation and Internationalization represented also for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Italian territory an opportunity not to be crushed by competition from countries like China and the US.

In this experience of Sintra it is definitely very positive. In the case of the Polish market, the collaboration with a young entrepreneur , in Italy for a brief stint abroad, born in Arezzo headquarters of Sintra has become an ongoing collaboration that has allowed the opening of a spin-off company in Poland .

Opening of new markets , collaboration with professionals across borders , new business opportunities and growth for the entire team of the company: this is true internationalization.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: the experience of Sintra Consulting in “ Buongiorno Regione Toscana”

Buongiorno Regione Toscana
December 4,2014 – RAI 3
TGR Toscana
December 4,2014 – RAI 3
Il Settimanale Toscana
December 6,2014 – RAI 3



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